Monday, October 6, 2008

Workaround for adjusing brightness in Ubuntu on my Dell

Here is a workaround for the problem with Ubuntu installed on some Dell laptop.

Disable beeps in Ubuntu


1. remove the drivers

#modprobe -r pcspkr


2. Blacklist the module in '/etc/modprobe.d/backlist' by appending above line

blacklist pcspkr

wicd - wireless mgt for linux

It is hard to make the wireless work under ubuntu/xubuntu, at least to me.
But wicd is a tool worthing try.


Friday, October 3, 2008

vim tips ctrp+p/n

Insert mode completion: Ctrl + N
Ctrl + P to the original.

create a bootable usb disk

1) Run diskpart from command prompt running as administrator (right click the command prompt icon and choose "Run As Administrator")
2) Type the command: list disk to see the available disks and note the one that represents your USB thumb drive
3) Select the disk: select disk # where # is the disk you determined in the above step
4) Now that the proper disk is selected, prepare it with the clean command by typing clean
5) Now create a partition on the clean drive by typing: create partition primary
6) Select the new partition by typing: select partition 1
7) Set the partition as active by typing: active
8) Format the partition as FAT32 by typing: format fs=fat32
9) Assign the new partition by typing: assign
10) Type exit to quit diskpart

And some files which are needed for boot the computer can be copied to the disk.